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Art & Logo by DemiCharDev

This is the extended demo for THEY SPEAK FROM THE ABYSS! Features in this demo are subject to change in the final product. While more features have been added since the teaser demo there are still plenty of planned features that will be seen in the full game.

A brief combat scenario has been implemented, with more planned to be added later after some bugs have been fixed.

Playtime: 30 - 50 minutes

Warning: Contains violence, gore, body horror, depictions of self harm and abuse.

"Everything has this beauty and level of disgust, from the Swan lady to the vagina dentate monster two feet away from it." ~ Dread XP

"It’s a captivating experience exploring the surreal nightmarish world of They Speak From The Abyss." ~ Alpha Beta Gamer

Lost in a cursed world

Surrounded by the tortured souls of the damned

Is the only way out truly a baptism in blood?

Voice work:

Bouquet: FunnyWes

The Twins: VoiceQuills

Sophia: Kennady Ray

Doll: Pim's Crypt

Composer & Graphic artist:



Amon26, Hexebyte

Playtested by:

zombizzleTheXandan, Dronaroid, Kite Line, Danymals,

Additional Coding & Bug fixing:


Please note in this demo, many features included are unfinished. They will be refined and improved once the full game is released.

Known bugs:
The player cannot take damage in the fight against Killer.


Fix wonky battle mechanics

Add saving

Add more sound/particle effects

Updated 2 hours ago
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(65 total ratings)
AuthorNikki Kalpa
TagsDungeon Crawler, Exploration, Female Protagonist, First-Person, Horror, Surreal, Transgender
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Version 36

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this game was super cool - i love the artstyle and general vibe, and the sound design is fantastic. i'm definitely looking forward to the full game when it comes out! i'm especially interested to see where the story is heading - the worldbuilding introduced so far is really interesting, and i'm excited to learn more >:3

 the only complaint i have has to be the controls - i spent most of the game staring at the map instead of the beautiful environmental design because it was so awkward trying to keep one finger on the e key and two on z + c that i just gave up on strafing, and constantly turning around made it pretty easy to end up hopelessly... well, turned around. i feel like it might've felt a bit more natural if a and d could be used for strafing and the arrow keys for changing where you're looking.

I found a bug :O

If you talk to the thing that says "Some demons will let you pass by" or whatever while walking into him, it'll make the text appear over and over nonstop, even while you're able to walk.

I can't really seem to play the demo.

Like I don't get the Title Screen to appear, it doesn't seem to want to process the introductory scene and I can't see the apartment.

Is this an issue with Unity or do I need to update something?

I have a Windows 10 computer with 8 GB of RAM.

Hi it's there any chance that i could help to translate the game to Spanish? i don't know anything about how to do it but i would like to help your game reach more people. (My first/main language it's spanish so it would be a good translation)

Cool wierd and gross game, it was bugged for me but I still enjoyed the experience ->

Tried this out for a video several months back and never got around to posting it here. Had some interesting characters and dialogue and all the meaty visuals were certainly unsettling. Glad to have checked this out :)

I really enjoyed the writing/character dialogue!! Lots of personality in all of the characters. Truly creepy and eerie.

una idea muy interesante, sin duda alguna un pixel art hermoso y muy bien trabajado. algo difícil para mí, pero debido a mi poco inglés. 

I can't wait to see what this becomes!

I played your demo through the spectral mall demo disc, thus the thumbnail


Had a ton of fun playing through this weird eerie body horror game!


Played this one again for the demo disk, the art is so cool

Full Demo No Commentary 


Hey! I played this in the Spectral Mall Demo Disc and included it in my roundup video. Starts around 5:52 (if you only want to see this game). Best of luck with the development! 

Checked this one out! Pretty unique premise and style, but unfortunately I couldn't get too far into it! Regardless, I look forward to trying it again for the full version. :)

I can confirm this is an old build! The newer version has fixed a couple bugs present in that build, but thank you for playing :)

Oh excellent! I'll try and play a newer build next time. :)


They Speak From The Abyss was an absolute nightmare of an experience in the best sort of way. Everything from the characters, to the sound design, and even the environment were masterfully crafted, leaving me absolutely sick to the gut.

I loved it. Can't wait for the final release.


I LOVED IT! Can't wait for the full game!

Each and every update is a great gift! I can't wait to see more, it's so good already! And I can't wait to see the development on Sophia and Vanessa!


Thank you so much! I'm very excited to show everyone what I have cooking up in the future!


I said it before but I cannot understate how amazing the art is in this game. 

I know you already saw my criticism so I won't go too into that. I wanted to say though, I did mention the game OFF during the playthrough. Now that I think more about it, this game (so far) really just reminds me of OFF all around. Kinda like if OFF didn't have combat. The thing that kept me interested in OFF was the battle mechanics. Not saying this game needs battles, but if there was some form of active gameplay mechanic like that then I think I'd have a far better time. 

A demo isn't really enough time to get invested in characters so I feel that issue will be fixed simply with a full game release.

Really looking forward to seeing what becomes of this project in the future, good luck!


The atmosphere in this teaser is masterful; I'm incredibly excited for the full release!!




well this game is beautiful and disgusting as the sametime, i love it

Creepy game, loved it!


Glad you liked it :)

I had a great time with this game and can't wait to see how  it is when it is fully released. Keep up the great work.

I really love the whole vibe of this game. Can't wait for the full!! I especially liked the audio design

(1 edit)

Hi there ! Thanks for this demo, the ambience is interesting, unsettling, eerie ! 

The graphics are really original and are truly unique in a way. And the sound design... disturbing ! :D

Very curious about how the rpg mechanics will fit in it (maybe in a dungeon crawler style ?) but can't wait to see the whole picture !

Absolutely loved this demo. Can't wait to see more!


Had a blast, a unique game that adds hope for humanity

This game was excellent, beautiful, terrifying, and gorgeous. This game deserves WAY more love than it has gotten. Such a unique, and pretty, whilst also being quite disturbing title. Definitely need to go check this one out if you haven't yet!


Loved the setting and characters already. Looking forward to the full release of the game once it is available.

Very promissing! Love the art style and the possibilities to go with the story. Greetings from Brazil!


more please ty
Deleted post


32 bit





I love the way this game looks. It's got that artistic touch you don't see very often. You've got a knack for suggestive imagery and it all comes across incredibly creepy. I really hope there's a ton more to the gameplay than what we saw in the demo because I'm super excited for the full release.

Thanks for making games!


This was really awesome. I'm super excited for the full game.


Hi!!! I have been following along all the art on twitter and have been so excited to sit down and play this demo. I loved the sound design and the creatures and dialogue. Also cant get enough of Killer 😌❤ Beautiful work :)

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!!


Is it just me or is that game looking kinda



what is the graphics engine used ?


I woulda loved a strafe move because it's a bit hard judging when to turn so you gotta turn again, go forward then turn once more if you misjudge.

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