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This was absolutely amazing. I love this style. Is the full version out yet? I saw two different games under your page.. but it looked like the first one was older. Anyway, loved it. If you get a chance maybe check out my video. Thanks!


Boy you really delivered on that promise of Body Horror didn't you?? I haven't been this uncomfortable with a game in a good while, nicely done!!


I just finished the demo and I love the atmosphere and creature designs.  Very well done, and I can't wait to see more!

This is a great game! I really enjoyed it, though I think it would be a bit more user friendly if you chose to use the arrows keyboard instead of E + A + W -  A bit less confusing. Anyways still really good, looking forward to the full game! cheers!


Pretty cool!
I love the monsters art and the environment in general, the movement is kind of awkward but it adds to the atmosphere in my opinion.


The movement is going to make a lot more sense when I add the other mechanics, I swear 😅


Makes sense, I will look up to it and hope the full game development goes great! :D


this type of game was a first for me- and I REALLY was into it. I love the graphic monster in it- definitely a hell scape. I have a video of my love reaction if you’d like to see!


Grotesque and horrifying in all the right ways, a perfect demo that leaves you wanting more.


So creepy. The art style was amazing. Keep up the great work! 



Good creepy stuff so far.


Can i know wich engine you use 

And thanks its great game :)

The game was made in Unity


Nice game <3 with unity

I like it


I was keeping up with the twitter updates for this game and now seeing it in motion is so cool!! Art and atmosphere is killer, looking very forward to the full release :D

Thank you so much! hoping the full release will be a good one.


Visually it is great, I hope there will be more to the gameplay like combat etc. Anyway thank you so much for making this game and please share this video out where you can. I want to help you out as well as other indie game devs. 


 this was so visually weird! but it was also super dope. this was a funny moments reaction compilation so please check me out. i upload 3 times a day so that subscribe button means so much to me 

I call it "The Romantic Hellraiser". Really enjoyed the visuals and the mazes, it was a unique experience. Hopefully no pink/purple chains shoot out to rip me to pieces.


The game has an interesting feel to it and looks great as well. It also helps that the story was interesting as well. I look forward to the full release of this game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.


The game vibe feels like Undertale, but rated M and it's wonderful. Nice retro like style game, It feels like I'm playing it in my Nokia 3310. Keep the creepy weird art up, but not too much. All in all good job, hope you enjoy this video =) .


Very entertaining art style! I love all the creature designs and would love to play more!


Truly a disgusting experience to take a trip to the abyss where everything is covered in flesh and souls in damnation. I would love to see the full product when it comes out. Thank you for making this! 


This was so good!, the art style was absolutely brilliant and i really have to praise the dialog it was absolutely amazing! such a good game and looking forward to the full game 


They Speak From The Abyss, I found the game quite different in terms of interactions, how I moved.. but I did find it confusing, in terms of where I needed to go. Hopefully I the full release does come out! I would look forward to it!

here is my video! 


I went into this with zero expectations and got blown away. The visuals, the writing.. I am really looking forward to the full release!

shit made me shit my pants, good stuff


The game looks great, both demonic and otherworldly. I am really curious to what is going on in the game, what I could piece together at the minute has left me curious. 

Love the unique art styles of the demons, they both seem completely abstract and alive, while the movements of them are really striking especially when they move closer into frame.

Can’t wait to see the full release of the game.


Creepy one 

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Been following your progress of you making this game over on Twitter, so I went in kinda hyped.

Okay so firstly, I'm super digging the art style. the audio is fantastic as well, really helps complete the mood - at this point however it feels mostly like a grid based collectathon, collect keys to open doors etc. The grid based thing works well given the aesthetics and the sense of unease you want to produce in the player but the gameplay does still feel very lacking, although I adored the character interactions very much! You have a knack for illustration certainly. It felt almost like a 3D RPG Maker game in its current state, like in terms of interactions, tasks to do etc. I feel like it could become much, much more than that. Keep it up!!


this was so good ... i had a guess on what the game will be and a some complains i hope you dont mind that :D but nonetheless hope you enjoy the vid and my trash humor :D


First things first: the visuals and audio are amazing! Genuinely fantastic atmosphere. Never knew I wanted a haunted DS game, but here we are. Also Germain is great and hope to see more of him!

Little nitpick: When turning 90 degrees, the interact prompt will display if you turn past an interactable object. Makes it seem like you can turn 45 degrees to interact with it.

Will there be additional dialogue when talking to an NPC for the second time? I tried talking to the killer a couple of times, since he seemed important. If not, a skip feature for already read dialogue would be neat.

But overall I'm really impressed, keep up the good work!


The game's proposal seems very interesting to me... I can't wait to see the final result of this game. Congratulations.

Show post...

so spooky story


love your game so much thank you :):):):)


Hi, this is great, I've been looking forward to it on your Twitter!  I've got some technical feedback below, I hope that's okay!

The tutorial prompt to "Press W to advance" confused me: since it was the very first prompt in the game, I assumed it was explaining how to advance text. It should probably appear, maybe rephrased, just before you start walking.

I'm not sure it's a good idea to jump from X to Interact but then E to advance text. They should probably handle both. "E" is definitely more natural for WASD, and "X" more for arrow keys.

Because I'm still getting used to the perspective, I'm often walking the wrong distance towards NPCs, and the fact that the "Interact" prompt fades in isn't helping. While it's a nice effect, I think I'd prefer it if it appeared instantly. Also maybe if it was smaller?  Not SMALL, just smaller than it is.

I also find myself walking inside of NPCs when I try to talk to them, even if they aren't necessarily blocking the path. This is subjective, but it's hard to get a read on how close you are to some of the surreal NPC and props, so it might be helpful if NPCs were solid unless you need to pass through them. And plot NPCs might be better off blocking your path UNTIL you talk to them - I definitely felt it was weird just phasing through Killer at one point, even though I knew he was important, but that might just be me. He seems too aggressive to just let me saunter past.

Bugs: if you stand diagonal from a hotspot and rotate in such a way that your camera passes over it, the Interact prompt will start to appear and then fade back out.

Found this one totally by accident. Go to where you first meet Killer, face him, and turn right. Walk INTO the wall right in front of you. The Interact prompt will appear briefly and then fade out. I assume you're moving too close to the doorway on the other side of the wall. This probably happens in other instances where there's one tile of wall between you and a hotspot.

You can also walk inside one of the boxes in the apartment from one side, but not the other. You probably shouldn't be able to walk through them at all.

For some reason, when I started the fullscreen version for the first time, I ran into a bunch of errors (invisible New/Continue buttons, text oversized and not fitting in dialogue boxes), but they vanished when I tried again. Sorry, I know that's no help.

Hope that helps, keep up the great work!


I appreciate the feedback, the issue with the killer and the door is a glitch I've known about and I'm still in the process of fixing it.

I'm hopefully going to have a fixed/updated version up within the next couple days. Thank you so much again for the feedback!

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