Steam page launch & Final content update

It's been an absolutely wild ride since I first published this demo back in April.

Nearly 3 months has gone by and this project has grown more than I would have ever thought it would! Not too bad for a first game. The demo has seen so many updates since launch but this one that launched today is the most exciting, because it coincides with the launch of the steam page! After the following changelog to the demo, there will be a link to the games steam page for you all to wishlist! This is all thanks to 2 Left Thumbs who were kind enough to reach out to me and offering a publishing partnership!

THEY SPEAK FROM THE ABYSS Ver 21 (Final Content Update)

- Story progression altered to improve game flow 
- CAVERN OF FROZEN SOULS mini-dungeon added 
- Mini-map added 
- Changes to graphic and sound assets 
- Audio tracks added 
- Bug fixes

Thank you all for the continued support of this game! I'm excited to show you all what we have in store for the full game release.

Here's a link to the game's steam page

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Version 21 Jul 21, 2022


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Looking forward for more on this game


Let's go!!!!!